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SAS Tutorial for Beginners

For Real SAS Beginners

Topics covered

DAY-1 : Introduction to SAS Programming

DAY-2 : SAS Programming – windows

DAY-3 : SAS Explorer & Result windows

DAY-4 : SAS Programming Fundamentals

DAY-5 : SAS Programming Input Methods

DAY-6 : SAS Date Formats

DAY-7 : SAS Numeric Formats

DAY-8 : SAS Programming Infile options

DAY-9 : SAS Global options

DAY-10 : SAS Proc Format

DAY-11 : SAS Dataset options

DAY-12 : Import XLS file using SAS

DAY-13 : SAS Import TXT, CSV, TAB files

DAY-14 : SAS Programming Functions

DAY-15 : SAS Character Function

DAY-16 : SAS Numeric Functions

DAY-17 : SAS Programming Date Functions

DAY-18 : SAS Proc Print options

DAY-19 : SAS proc sort options

DAY-20 : SAS Data Management

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